Why Choose Us?

Who Are We?

Universal Event Solution or UES is a Bumiputera company, located in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Our expertise in managing events covers planning and organizing various types of events such as sports, culture & arts, entertainment, concerts, seminars, high-level events with protocols, and including installation of sound system job fairs near me as well as работа москва catering services. Moreover, we are also experts in relevant technical works, promotions, management and organizing program schedule.

We pride ourselves in having a good relationship with th работа москва e local authorities, Royal Police Force, RELA, Red Crescent, corporate organizations, government & non-government agencies which can be involved in organizing and managing events. These positive connections and networking built upon from our past events have been our key strength to ensure all events under our control will take place smoothly (with minimal or manageable interferences).

Event Services
Event Services
Event Planning
Event Planning

Our Mission

At UES, we strive towards excellence, using various resources, and with the commitment to achieve our missions:


To deliver all projects with efficiency and excellence based on client’s requirement and expectation.

Global Standards

To use the latest technology and system to manage and implement all our projects, up to the international level.


Aims to give the best remuneration sand rewards to all our staff and team members.

Work Ethics

To have high spirit in teamwork, being professional https://xjobs.org/ and productive at all times.

License & Registrations

With all this attention to detail and dedication, you can be assure that we have done the proper certification and registration to look after, build on and manage your event.

Ready to Plan? Get in touch!

Our event planners will work as an extension of your existing team. We’ll https://jobitel.com tailor our event management services to your requirements. We will join you at the start of your event planning journey when you are looking at ideas for your event.

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